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By , July 21, 2009 2:49 am

VHAM works with other organisations, Forums, Institutions to achieve its objectives. VHAM is an active member of:

  1. North east NGO Dialogue Forum. Secretariat in Imphal. Manipur India
  2. North East India Harm Reduction Network (NEIHRN) Headquarters in Imphal, India
  3. WorldMountain Peoples Association. (WMPA) Headquarters Paris, France.
  4. International Council for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) Headquarter Kathmandu, Nepal.
  5. Meghalaya Forum on AIDS and Drugs (MeFAD), Headquarters, Shillong, India
  6. United NGOs Forum for Social Justice (UNFSJ) Headquarters, Shillong. India
  7. Silk Mark of India. (SMOI) Headquarters Bangalore. India
  8. Indian Harm Reduction Network (IHRN). Head quarters, New Delhi India.

VHAM is also a member of Government societies like:

  1. State Tuberculosis Control Society
  2. State Malaria Control Society
  3. State National Rural Health Mission Committee. (NRHM)
  4. State Surveillance team for HIV/TB/Malaria/Blindness.
  5. State Task Force on Homeopathy.
  6. District Health Society.
  7. State Steering Committee for Tobacco Prevention Programmes.

All these networks and societies are represented by the Executive Secretary and the Senior Programme Officer.

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